The Light At The Start Of Everything

The light at the start of everything looks at you with wonder and delight and it says, I hope you’re ready for all of this. Because it’s happening.

And Bang. Just like that… you’re here.

And the light says, I hope you travel well. I hope you ride the wave from the center, all the way out.

And the light says, you know the start, but not the end.
All our ends are different.
And you, you are only here for a little while.
But you are part of some eternal something.

And the light says, there is a way to hold everything you ever were. There is a way to hold time in your hands.

And the light says, remember, you and I were everything once.

And one day, we’ll be everything again.

Written for The Okavango Blue by international bestselling author and poet, Iain Thomas.

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30 mm


Unmatched quality and unparalleled purity place it in the upper echelons of blue diamonds ever discovered.


Perfectly proportioned with precise, pristine edges.


One of the highest polished colour classifications possible for a blue diamond.

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    Diamonds are a building block for economic growth and prosperity in Botswana, contributing to government revenue, creating employment, and funding schools, hospitals and other critical infrastructure.


    On the foundation of prosperous and ethically-driven business practice, the ODC strives to build a sustainable future for the local diamond industry, on a global stage.


    A journey of transformation is underway, as Botswana ascends to its place amongst the world’s leading diamond destinations, tapping into the nation’s untold potential through transparency and good governance.


    Unearthed in a land renowned for natural riches and untouched beauty, and named in honour of another of Botswana’s treasures, The Okavango Delta.

"We are conscious of how important ethically-sourced natural diamonds are to the public and are therefore fortunate that our diamonds are sourced in the rough by an industry which puts the people of Botswana first. Buyers out there can trust the provenance and the fact that diamonds are doing good for the people of Botswana,"

Lipalesa Makepe, ODC's Chief Financial Officer

The Okavango Blue of Botswana


The original 41.1 carat rough stone was meticulously cut and polished with the utmost care and precision, retaining 20.46 carats and making this a gem of exceptional quality and rarity.

Rated as VVS2, one of the highest polished colour classifications possible.

The Okavango Blue of Botswana is a truly magnificent colour, classified as ‘Fancy Deep Blue’ by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

The conventional Oval Shape Brilliant instils a sense of elegance and beauty with all the brilliance of a round diamond, but a far more unique shape and unsurpassed quality.